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The Society


During the conference Scotland – SCOTTland, held at Castle Schönburg near Bingen on the Rhine on 26-29 May 2011, conference participants took part in the founding of the Society for Scottish Studies in Europe.

The aim of the society is to promote Scottish studies in research and teaching. To achieve this, the society will:

  1. Promote public interest in Scottish culture, literature, art, music and society and encourage academic interest at universities and research institutions;
  2. Promote and carry out research and teaching in the field of Scottish studies;
  3. Organise events and conferences;
  4. Publish academic texts;
  5. Cooperate with other societies, cultural institutions, schools, universities etc.

On 28 May, 2011, possibilities to achieve these goals were discussed and a committee was elected in order to start a thriving international network of scholars interested in promoting Scottish studies.